google_cloud_pipeline_components.experimental.wait_gcp_resources package

Google Cloud Pipeline Experimental Wait GCP Resource Components.


Wait GCP Resources Receives a GCP Resource, polling the resource status and waits for it to finish. Currently this component only support waiting on a DataflowJob resource.

To use this component, first create a component that outputs a JSON formatted gcp_resources proto, then pass it to the wait component.

dataflow_python_op = gcpc.experimental.dataflow.LaunchPythonOp(

python_file_path = …


dataflow_wait_op = gcpc.experimental.wait_gcp_resources.WaitGcp_ResourcesOp(

gcp_resources = dataflow_python_op.outputs[“gcp_resources”]


For details on how to create a Json serialized gcp_resources proto as output, see

gcp_resources (str):

Serialized JSON of gcp_resources proto, indicating the resource to wait on by this component For details, see

gcp_resources (str):

The final result of the gcp resource, including the error information, if exists.