google_cloud_pipeline_components.experimental.dataflow module

Google Cloud Pipeline Dataflow python components.


dataflow_python Launch a self-executing beam python file on Google Cloud using the DataflowRunner.

project (str):

Required. Project to create the Dataflow job in.

location (Optional[str]):

Location for creating the Dataflow job. If not set, default to us-central1.

python_module_path (str):

The GCS path to the python file to run.

temp_location (str):

A GCS path for Dataflow to stage temporary job files created during the execution of the pipeline.

requirements_file_path (Optional[str]):

The GCS path to the pip requirements file.


The list of args to pass to the python file. Can include additional parameters for the beam runner.

gcp_resources (str):

Serialized gcp_resources proto tracking the Dataflow job. For more details, see